Spiritual Awareness Course

A Course in Spiritual Awareness for Healthcare Professionals in the Hospice


This is a course of four, 90-minute sessions exploring the place and rôle of spirituality in a hospice.



The object of the course is to raise awareness of the relevance and application of spirituality in the lives of staff and the care of patients.


  1. What is Spirituality?
  2. Working in a Hospice
  3. Spirituality of Patients
  4. Self-care

The four sessions are inter-related and each builds upon what has gone before. Ideally all should be attended. The basic premise is that spirituality is about what we most value in life and how we live according to what we value. Thus everyone has spirituality, though this may me more or less explicit. It is my assertion that it is only to the extent that we are aware of the spirituality of our own lives that can we be sensitive to the spiritual needs of others. Thus, the course starts with us. Each session is likely to include:

Who is it for?

The course is for anyone who works in a hospice. It has been given successfully to students, doctors, nurses, admin staff, managers and volunteers. The course will be more experiential and interactive than didactic. It is not intended to push a religious line or ‘convert' people. It encourages participants to reflect upon their own lives and to share their thoughts with each other. This exploration can touch participant's feelings, which can be both disturbing and enlivening. It is held in safe and confidential atmosphere.


An ideal group size would be 8-16 people.


Healthcare professionals are busy people. There is flexibility in the giving of the course. As a suggestion, the course could be run in one of three ways: