"How am I going to cope with my illness?"

"How am I going to face death?"

"Where is God?"

"What is the place of spirituality in a hospital?"

"How can the liminal space opened up by illness be a creative place?"

These are the daily questions posed by working in a health service. I work part-time as a Hospital Chaplain at the West Middlesex University Hospital and Ealing Hospital. As part of that work I offer training.

Spiritual Awareness

What is spirituality?

What is spiritual awareness?

What are the spiritual needs of patients?

How can I respond to them?

This is an experiential workshop, which offers an opportunity to explore these questions and their relevance to improving care and the patient experience. It was been run very successfully with nurses, doctors, admin staff and managers at Meadow House Hospice. Read the course information...


  • time: These courses can be run in four 90 minutes sessions over several days or weeks, in two half-days, or as a one-day workshop
  • for: They are for any healthcare professional who wants to understand the spiritual experience and needs of patients
  • place: A reasonably private room is needed, free of interruptions
  • cost: £250/day off-site, or through usual procedures in-house
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