Julian Maddock

Being Men Before God

Being Men Before God

claiming a spirituality that embodies our manhood

It can be confusing and lonely to be a man in our post-feminist era.  What do I most deeply want?   How is God calling me to be?  These meetings of men and retreats will provide us with a rare opportunity to explore our spirituality as men together.  We will share our stories, explore, discuss and find support in an atmosphere of prayerfulness, safety, mutual respect and confidentiality.  Varieties of spirituality, ethnicity age, and sexual orientation will be welcomed and celebrated.

As we connect with our spirituality as men, we will encounter an aliveness, a clarity of purpose, and a harmony with the Life of God within.

Meetings for up to 10 men

Residential Retreats / Workshops

For some background reading on the reason for this group, read the article Where Have All the Men Gone? written for the Southern Ignatian Network and St James Piccadilly Press.


I have studied men’s work with Robert Bly, James Hillman, Richard Rohr, Michael Meade & Malidoma Somé, and bodywork with Nicholas Janni.  I am passionate in my search to be spiritual and a man.